Guest Post: When This is Behind Us, How Will We Think About Privacy

This year has been a monumental one, with numerous world events happening simultaneously. COVID-19 has forever changed the world of work in the US, and its effects are still being felt. In particular, as the US and...

Identity Authentication and the Controversy Around Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is alarming and needs to be controlled. 

What To Do If You Fall Victim to Ransomware

As lockdown restrictions ease, few offices are choosing to have their employees return full time. Others, having overcome the initial challenges of working remotely, have discovered its benefits and are having their...

Top Three Touchless Biometric Modalities for Sanitary Multifactor Authentication

As businesses begin reopening and offices are updating their layouts for social distancing, we’re having to take a fresh look at many of our standard practices for security and identification. Shared workstations or...

Can Facial Recognition Technology Be Used Ethically?

Facial recognition has been controversial since day one. Concerns escalated dramatically during the Black Lives Matter protests, and were finally officially addressed when AI powerhouse IBM stated this week that it will...

Identification, Authentication, or Authorization: What’s the Difference?

There’s understandable confusion about the differences between identification, authentication, and authorization when it comes to identity or user management. If you’re not immersed in the industry, you may be confused...

Combating Security Vulnerabilities Due to Remote Work

The future of work will be dominated by remote working, and the pandemic has turned what was an occasional perk into a dominant trend all over the world. 

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