ImageWare and ComputerWeekly Interview - How Biometrics can Solve 2FA's Pitfalls

In light of many organizations currently upgrading their cybersecurity away from passwords, ImageWare’s CTO David Harding sat down with Peter Ray Allison from to go over the many flaws of two-factor authentication systems. They examined recent victims of 2FA breaches, hacking techniques, and how anti-spoofing multimodal biometrics is the solution. Read the full article here.

“Two-factor authentication does not authenticate an individual. It authenticates the device. It’s what we call in the industry ‘identity approximation’. It’s not identity authentication,” says David Harding. “This [cloud-based authentication] is going to be the future of identity authentication,” says Harding. “Everything else is still identity approximation, and identity approximation will continue to fail.”

As the largest holder of multimodal biometrics patents, ImageWare provides the latest advancements in identity solution, including advanced multimodal biometrics, NIST-rated anti-spoofing, and the industry’s only biometric fusion. Contact our solutions experts to discuss your identity needs.

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