Imageware LE 2.0:  Web-Based Biometric & Biographic Capture & Investigative Software

Making Law Enforcement Fully Scalable  

As witnessed in the past 50 years, the computer industry has moved from massive machines (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) covering 1,800 square feet of floor space that required monumental cooling systems, to smartwatches that can perform a variety of high-tech functions that weren’t even available on the most sophisticated computers of the past. Our phones now process at a speed faster than any 20th-century mainframe could match, with browsers taking the place of punch cards, and allowing searching via text, voice, and barcode reading.

Modern-day policing has kept pace with computer technology, allowing for immediate verification of a person’s identity via fingerprint, iris scan, and face.  Biometrics are captured and submitted to a state and FBI ABIS with responses returned within an hour in many cases. Mobile phones are now used as identification devices while other mobile software and hardware can be used to generate tickets and book an individual, capturing all biometrics currently in use.

Imageware’s Law Enforcement (LE) 2.0, an entirely web-based identification, booking, and investigative solution, is our latest offering to help our customers keep up with the requirements facing law enforcement today.

Problems Solved

Applying web technology, LE 2.0 allows agencies to utilize nearly any brand of fingerprint, iris scan, and camera technology to capture the biometrics required by your agency and state ABIS. Using Type of Transaction files (ToTs), users can acquire the mandatory biographic data and biometrics for adult bookings, sex offender registrations, and applicant background checks.

LE 2.0 provides a streamlined workflow for booking and identifying individuals from fixed stations located inside a police agency, jail, prison, or out in the field with a fully mobile device.  In addition, investigative procedures, such as photo lineups and past arrest record retrievals, can also be performed from any device able to access the agency’s LE 2.0 URL.

Throughout creating and testing this new Imageware product, we have incorporated the features from our longstanding Imageware LE software, which has been a leader in the industry for more than 20 years.  Our Focus Team, composed of law enforcement and corrections personnel, tout the easy-to-use features that allow you to complete a booking in record time and provide a safe environment for both the officer and the subject of interest.

Product Features

Features that are available in the June 30 Alpha release include:

  • Login ID and password as well as 2FA and biometric MFA authentication
  • Biographic enrollment, including all rules and  mandatory and optional fields
  • Searching via biographic information
  • Viewing and editing bookings
  • Biometric capture of face and SMT
  • Biometric capture of fingerprints
  • Background checks, including generating EBTS files  transferring to the EBTS server, and submitting them to an ABIS
  • Transaction Manager for managing submissions and responses
  • Admin system configuration portal

Upcoming Product Enhancements – September 30, 2021

Features that will be available in the September 30 release include:

  • Biometric capture and matching of irises
  • Biometric capture of palms
  • Photo lineups
  • Designing, generating, and printing reports, wristbands, and ID badges
  • Record sealing and deleting
  • Exporting images
  • Audit searching and tracking

For further information or to request a demonstration of Imageware’s LE 2.0, contact Chandler Maskal or visit our website at 


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